Fun Facts

Small Class Size

Teacher:Student Ratio about 1:6

Raise Own Beef

We raise our own beef on campus for the school lunch program.


We have a community run swimming pool on campus.


We are in driving distance to Yellowstone Natl. Park, Bannack State Park, Maverick Mountain, Red Rock Lakes Natl. Refuge, and Clark Canyon Reservoir.

Things to do

Lima area offers hiking, camping, extreme skiing, fishing, hunting, hot springs, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling.

Local Service

Lima has a fully staffed volunteer fire department and ambulance services.

Places to Eat

Lima has 5 local restaurants serving home cooked meals from pizza, burgers, seafood, to cook your own steak.

4-H Club

Lima has one of the largest 4-H clubs in Beaverhead County.


Lima School District has great support from the school board and the community.

Professional Growth

Lima School District provides professional growth opportunities for teachers.


Lima School District has great starting salaries and excellent benefits.