Ok, London bridges are not falling down but the Physics class, taught by Mrs. Martin, was put to the challenge of building bridges out of Popsicle sticks.  They had to build a bridge that could support a minimum of twenty-five pounds.  Check out the results:

Darby Perrenoud and Gracie Bravo's bridges each held 45 pounds!

Wes Robison's bridge held 120 pounds!

Kara Mayer's bridge held 140 pounds!  Check out the large weight near the bottom.

The stack get taller!  Miranda Velasco's bridge held 155 pounds!

Nicole Lessley's bridge held an impressive 160 pounds!

Pyeton Haws is stacking larger weights.  His bridge held 165 pounds!

Look at the size of the weights on this one!  Walker Nygren’s bridge held a whopping 225 pounds!

All the students not only met the requirements, but exceeded.