L to R: Kennady Perrenoud, Nicole Lessley, Adrianna Briggs, Darby Perrenoud & Walker Nygren

During the second week of March, HS BPA Club members competed virtually in the State Leadership Competition “On to New Horizons”.

Adrianna Briggs, Nicole Lessley, and Walker Nygren competed in the non-judged event, fundamental desktop publishing.

Nicole also competed in the judged events, prepared and extemporaneous speech.

Kennady Perrenoud competed in the non-judged event, health administration procedures.

Walker Nygren and Darby Perrenoud competed in the open event, medical terminology concepts.

All non-judged and open events were completed throughout the week of March 8th through 15th. However, Nicole’s judged events were completed on Sunday and Monday, March 14th and 15th.

The BPA club’s members came together last Monday, March 15th, evening to eat pizza and watch the opening ceremony recording which included speeches by each state officer and an entertainment session performed by world re-owned hypnotist, Brian Imbus. Though it was fun to watch and everyone appreciated the efforts put into making it virtual, our club missed being in Billings to experience the State Leadership Competition in person.

As the events were graded throughout the past week, March 15th through 19th, the results were not released until Monday, March 22. The top 5 individuals placed in judged events and the top 10 individuals placed in non-judged events will be advancing onto Nationals.

Adrianna placed 3rd and Walker placed 4th in the non-judged event fundamental desktop publishing. They will be going on to compete at Nationals which was to be held in Orlando, Florida during the first week of May. Due to new protocols put into place, it was decided last month it will now be held virtually as well.

Nicole placed 14th in the event, fundamental desktop publishing.

Darby placed 9th and Walker placed 15th in the event, medical terminology concepts.

Kennady placed 18th in the event health administration procedures.

I am very proud of each member for the amount of effort they put into competing in each event. Remember these event placements are out of every MT BPA Club member who competed across the state in each event. To put this into perspective, there are 90 active BPA high school chapters with different amounts of members per chapter depending on the size of the high school. If you see any of these 5 high school BPA Club members, please congratulate them on a job well done!

Also, please wish Adrianna and Walker good luck as they go on to compete in Nationals during the first week of May.

Go, Bears!🐻

Mrs. Bernard